Oct 2011

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The men are pleasant but many seem a bit puffy and lethargic; one 19 year old inmate, Faisal al Subaii, explained that they are encouraged to spend most of their daytime hours in either rest or prayer. In Saudi Arabia, psychological disorders are often understood as the results of a person finding himself somehow outside the traditional circle of family and community. Most of the counselling that the inmates receive is focused on helping them to develop more healthful family relationships. “We use Western psychiatric techniques together with Islamic techniques,” T. M. Otayan, the centre’s staff psychologist, says, referring to the intensive religion classes.

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Oct 2011

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Another strength is the elimination of the traditional hierarchal system of management. A manager’s decision does not have the authority to trump a regular employee’s decision. Derek Noel, an employee of Zappos, said, “My worst day at Zappos is still better than my best day anywhere else. I can’t imagine going back to traditional hierarchy anymore” Reingold, 2016. Employees are entrusted to make decisions without a higher level manager’s approval. There are weaknesses in holacracy that I believed caused Zappos employees to become resistant in this style of management. The distribution of authority can also be a weakness in holacracy. It can prevent certain employees from reaching their full potential. One Zappos employee, Hollie Delaney, said that her longtime career goal, to become the VP of human resources, was no longer achievable at Zappos Reingold, 2016. Delaney did not have the opportunity to rise in her experienced field. She was an experienced HR executive who had to spend most of her time working in other holacratic circles.

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